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D16mm curtain rod with finial and bracket


Xmaccent Produce different color and shape rod diameter 16mm curtain rod with finial and bracket.The following pictures are only part of them,we have painting and electroplating color,metal and alumin...

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Best white curtain rod for you


You’ve just moved into your new house or apartment, only to find that the sun is streaming through it in a way you can’t stand. Or maybe you just want to spice up your living room with a n...

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All About Vintage Curtain Rods


Do you like to decorate your home with old fashioned things? There are many types of vintage curtain tools, including curtain rods. I suggested some vintage and antique curtain rods in different color...

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How to choose the right curtain rod?


How to choose the right curtain rod? Curtains are one of the most important parts of home decor and it is important to choose curtain rods very carefully. This is important because if you choose the w...

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What is a curtain rod


The curtain rod is erected on the upper part of the indoor and window surface to support, hang and draw the curtain. It generally includes support seat (support head), straight rod, plug (decorative h...

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Curtain rod classification


Curtain rods are mainly divided into pulley rails and Roman rods according to the way the curtains are hung. According to the material, the pulley guide rail can be divided into aluminum alloy, plasti...

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Curtain Rods & Accessories


Looking to update your windows with curtains or drapes? You'll need a proper curtain rod to hang them first. With the selection of curtain rods, tracks, hardware and much more, detailing your windows ...

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ECO retail packing, new trend worldwide


With more and more strict regulatiions for invironmental protection purpose, all countries are focusing on new packing material and method. Our new style of retail packing method: Only printed heav...