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D20mm curtain rod with finial and bracket


Xmaccent manufactures different shape and color rod diameter 20mm curtain rod with finial and bracket.The following pictures are only part of them,we have painting and electroplating color,metal、zink alloy and aluminium alloy material.

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What to Know Before Buying Brushed Nickel Curtain Rods


The two primary nickel finishes for curtain rods are brushed nickel and satin nickel. The appearance of brushed nickel is brighter than the softer appearance of satin nickel. Brushed Nickel is wire brushed for a smooth finish. Brushed Nickel is a durable finish that is easy to clean. Also, brushed nickel curtain rods tend to be less expensive than satin nickel finished models.

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Size Selection Curtains and How to Install curtain rod.


If you have a window in your home, but sometimes it does not block the sunlight when you sleep, and the harsh sunlight makes you feel uncomfortable, then it is very necessary to configure a curtainIf you want to match curtains, you should first choose a suitable curtain rod. A suitable curtain rod can make your curtains look more concise and elegant, and it can also save some unnecessary troubles.

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Curtain rod collocation knowledge


When purchasing curtain rods, we should match curtain rods of different colors according to the main color of home decoration and curtain fabric to match the overall home style. Choose curtain rods with thick walls to prevent deformation. Remove the decorative head and take a look. Generally speaking, the thicker the better.

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How to choose the right curtain rod?


How to choose the right curtain rod? Curtains are one of the most important parts of home decor and it is important to choose curtain rods very carefully. This is important because if you choose the wrong curtain rod then it can ruin the elegance of the whole decor, but if you choose the right one then it will add even more elegance.

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Should ceiling curtain rods be used when hanging curtains


Ceiling curtain rods are just what you need to help you hang your curtains as high as possible. Remember that curtains are crucial in any home decor as they can help complete the overall look of any room. Curtains not only control light, they also provide homeowners with privacy and warmth. They can also add color and texture to the house.

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What is a curtain rod


The curtain rod is erected on the upper part of the indoor and window surface to support, hang and draw the curtain. It generally includes support seat (support head), straight rod, plug (decorative head), fastening head and other components. Sometimes it is supported at both ends without plugs (decorative heads), and there will be fastening heads to connect the support seat with the straight rod. The curtain rod as a whole can also be regarded as a set of hardware. Curtain rod, mainly made of metal and wood. The artistic curtain rod with different materials and styles, with different iron rod heads, is matched with silk or yarn decorative cloth. When used in the bedroom, it has a strong contrast between rigidity and softness; while the wood carved rod head gives people a warm and plump feeling. The range of application and collocation style are not limited, which is suitable for rooms with various functions.

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Hang Your Curtains With the Perfect Curtain Rods From Xmaccent


Adding curtains like curtains or drapes to your home is a great way to bring any room together. But to hang curtains, you need curtain rods. accent's offers a variety of options that make it easy to add the perfect finishing touch to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and mor.To update your window with this decorative detail, you need to choose a rod long enough to extend fully over your window. Note down the size of the window - this makes it easy to find the right length so you can hang the curtains correctly to span the space.

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Why configure curtains


Whether you're redesigning your living room or looking to add style to your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, well-chosen curtain rods and complementary curtains can make a huge impact. Want to get ready for your next project? First a quick look at the basics: what do I need to measure and hang curtain rods? Whether you're redesigning your living room or looking to add style to your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, well-chosen curtain rods and complementary curtains can make a huge impact. Decorative curtain rods with trim help bring style and elegance to your home. It's easy to create a look you'll love. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect curtain hardware for your project.

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16 mm curtain rod


The windows are very unique. There is no such thing as a standard window. They need to let the light in, but also need to draw the curtains to keep the cold wind out and darkness at bay. They can be quite large in some interior spaces, and all windows, no matter the size, need curtain rails to complement this size. Made by the Forge has been quietly but firmly urged by our customers to offer thinner curtain rails and corresponding tops.

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Curtain Rods & Accessories


Looking to update your windows with curtains or drapes? You'll need a proper curtain rod to hang them first. With the selection of curtain rods, tracks, hardware and much more, detailing your windows is a breeze! We have drapery rod solutions for windows and doors of all sizes. For the largest windows, we have extra-long curtain rods that span up to 20 feet. Our long curtain rods are sure to have your windows covered! We also have short curtain rods for either small windows, or to place on both sides of a window to hang two drapes for an elegant, decorative touch. Looking for a curtain rod by color or finish? We have plenty of choices. Shop for drapery rods with great metal finishes, like nickel, gold or stainless steel, or shop popular colors, which include black, brown or white. And for curtain rod accessories, we have rings, brackets, finials, clip rings, and beyond. We even sell curtain rods with hardware sets.

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ECO retail packing, new trend worldwide


With more and more strict regulatiions for invironmental protection purpose, all countries are focusing on new packing material and method. Our new style of retail packing method: Only printed heavy duty FSC cardboard, products are directly fixed  on the cardbaord either by elastic wire or screw from behind. No PVC, blister or glue, no nothing! Customer can directly touch and closely view the product. Thus product value could be 100%  known!